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Songwriter spotlight: Jimso Slim


The music of Shane Joyce, a.k.a. Jimso Slim, is a pleasant surprise — particularly in these stressful times. Slim’s tenor voice manages to blend the nasality of John Lennon, the reedy folk-singing quality of Michael Nau (formerly of Cotton Jones and Page France), and the declamatory, aloof delivery of ‘60s-era rock ‘n’ roll Bob Dylan.

Jimso Slim’s overall sound is awash in psychedelic ambiance and endearing, lo-fi production. His music acts as a panacea to tension in a series of singles he’s released in recent months, in addition to this year’s full-length album “What’s the Deal.”

The Rochester singer-songwriter projects laid-back surf vibes with layers of acoustic and flange-inflected electric guitars on “Another Day,” induces a mid-tempo sway on “She Says,” and evinces a sundown mood on the romantically wistful “Madeline.”

The newest single, “Abilene,” features a more straight-ahead folk rock feel, but not without a tasty guitar lick and Slim’s signature spacy vocals. But it’s on the song “In Between” that Jimso Slim best synthesizes the relaxed vocals, ear-tickling guitar lines, and dreamy aesthetic that are ever-present in his music.

Daniel J. Kushner is CITY’s music editor. He can be reached at