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SKA | Reel Big Fish


Reel Big Fish is best known in the mainstream for the 1996 hit "Sell Out," whose video appeared on MTV, hit No. 57 on the Billboard charts and sent the band's sophomore album, "Turn the Radio Off," to gold status. However, the era of ska-revival, featuring horn-section laden bands along the lines of Less Than Jake, No Doubt, and Catch 22, was short-lived, leaving many of these bands as infamous one-hit wonders and pushing RBF back to the underground from whence they came. Today, lead vocalist and guitarist Aaron Barrett remains the only original member of the band, which still kicks out timeless, incessantly danceable upbeat jams.

Reel Big Fish will perform with Keaton on Saturday, June 20, at Water Street Music Hall (204 North Water Street). 8 p.m. $18-$22.;