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SCIENCE | "New Discoveries in Our Solar System"


The vastness of the universe becomes even more incredible when you consider how very much we still don't know about the immediate vicinity of our own star. Perhaps you stay up on the latest news and speculations from NASA's spacecrafts and probes. But if you'd like this knowledge paired with amazing visuals, join Rochester Museum and Science Center (657 East Avenue) for a new star show, "New Discoveries in Our Solar System."

Features of the star show include a comet passing near the Sun, geysers on a moon of Saturn, more clues about water on Mars, another spacecraft approaching Jupiter, and the latest Pluto pictures downloaded from the New Horizons spacecraft. Pictured is a photograph by the Rosetta space probe of Comet 67P.

"New Discoveries in Our Solar System" lasts 60 minutes and is recommended for older children and adults. The show will be available at RMSC through February 27. This month's show times are Saturday, December 26, and Monday, December 28, through Thursday, December 31, at 1 p.m. Tickets are $7, or $6 for seniors, college students, and ages 3 to 18. For more information, call 271-4320 or visit