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ROOTS ROCK | The Sadies



The Sadies rock so hard with a trademark western swing-surf-blues-garage-roots-rock giddy-up that I don't know what to do first whenever I see them play: jump up and down, scream, or applaud. I heard they were coming to town and started doing all three. This band is a modern incarnation of The Band, drawing influence from every genre out there that gets prefixed with "cool." Live, it's like watching a tennis match as it's hard to focus. Both Travis and Dallas Good (front men and brothers in the group) have something to offer and dazzle. Travis has his high-speed guitar picking and maniacal fiddle abuse. Dallas is the tall cool one with the rich voice and the B-bender guitar. Both pick loud, proud, lonesome, and mean. This is an all-around music fan's band and a show that shouldn't be missed.

The Sadies play with The Barry Brothers on Saturday, February 21, at Water Street Music Hall, 204 North Water Street. 8 p.m. $12-$16.;

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