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ROCK | The War on Drugs


On its third album, 2014's excellent "Lost in the Dream," The War on Drugs toe the ever-blurring line between pleasingly retro and mawkishly nostalgic with particular aplomb, sounding as if the sextet has mainlined the American rock triumvirate of Dylan, Springsteen, and Petty, right down to the feeling of wanderlust. But unlike his heartland rock compatriots, the band's lead singer, Adam Granduciel, is unafraid to let the rest of the Philadelphia outfit ply their trade alongside — or even over the top — of him. The songs that comprise "Lost in the Dream" are free to meander their way to their eventual destinations, venturing off to explore the side streets of Middle America.

The War on Drugs plays Monday, June 8, at Water Street Music Hall, 204 North Water Street. 8 p.m. $22-$26.;