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Portland, Oregon's ace-in-the-hole quintet, The CRY!, aims for world domination the old-fashioned way: touring as much as possible and getting the kids onboard. The CRY! is built along the lines of classic-era power pop groups with tunes that demand you crank the volume up and roll the windows down. In an interview with City Newspaper, lead guitarist and singer Brian Crace says, "We've been together for five years; it's been a lot of booze and a lot of traveling ... We just want to bring guitar rock 'n' roll back. It seems like everyone is doing everything on computers nowadays. We want to bring it back to writing songs in the garage and playing it for people live." Houston-based alternative pop and new wave band Lost Element also performs.

The CRY! plays on Tuesday, September 8, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $9.;