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ROCK | Speirs


One of the remarkable things about Rochester's atmospheric rock upstart Speirs (and there are multiple remarkable things) is its attention to detail. As bands become increasingly satisfied with jumping on the latest trend and riding it to the next one, it's almost miraculous to find a band with its own vision, a unique sound, and a sense of purpose. Thankfully, Speirs possess all these qualities, and its self-titled 2015 EP is a lean, concise declaration of intent. Songs like "Headwarm" glow with warmth as singer Alexandra Wendt urges, "So hold on to yourself, 'cause there's no one here to keep you sane," while "Cover" bubbles to the surface with a sinister energy. Taken as a whole, the EP comes across as the third or fourth release from a well-seasoned band. The fact that it's Speirs' first release solidifies them as a force to be reckoned with.

Speirs will perform with Chanz and Camping on Monday, January 29, at the California Brew Haus, 402 West Ridge Road. 6 p.m. $10.;