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OroborO is a four-piece experimental rock band from Amherst, Massachusetts, offering a nonpareil blend of metal, emo, and psychedelia. In May 2016, OroborO began releasing demos, and its most recent album, "Laughing Death," was released in January. The album flirts with deranged musical and lyrical concepts, beginning with the album title itself and ending with a self-devouring, centipede-like creature as the album artwork. There is an overarching theme of going in circles: the band's name is a palindrome, all of the album covers are creatures drawn circling within themselves, and the music seems to cycle back around on itself as well. OroborO creates progressive rock symphonies with unexpected twists and turns that electrify from start to finish.

OroborO plays with Full Body, The Strangers, and Ryan Sutherland on Thursday, March 1, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue.  9 p.m. $9.;