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ROCK | New City Slang


New City Slang is street poetry and jangly guitars through fuzzed out amps. Art and punk ooze out of this Rochester band. Harlow Crandall, Pete Mantkelow, Matt Oyer, and Collin Ramirez are doing something different here, mixing feedback and aggression with folk ballads and lyrics that paint poignant images. The first time I saw the band perform I was reminded of the first time I discovered that a band like The Velvet Underground could ever exist. On New City Slang's song "Searching for a Fire" it sings "There ain't no sanctuary for some broken hearts, when you're searching for a fire but you'll settle for a spark." Listeners won't be settling for anything less than an amazing show.

New City Slang performs with Cavalcade and Inclusive Or on Friday, May 16, at Monty's Krown, 875 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m.