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ROCK 'N' ROLL | The Struts



You're gonna start hearing things like "They're bringing rock back" and "It's refreshing" once you get a load of The Struts, an awesome UK-bred foursome that opened for the Stones in Paris. The band harnesses T-Rex and glam rock in particular, all done with danger and an overt androgynous swagger. Now this type of rock 'n' roll hasn't gone away entirely, in fact it's right where it belongs festering in the underground, however, The Struts adds a certain degree of accessibility with things like a nice sing-along slant. And the fact that the up-and-coming generation will hear this type of greasy, sleazy rock warms my heart.

The Struts plays with Holy White Hounds and Cemetery Sun on Saturday, December 10, at the Main Street Armory, 900 East Main Street. 8 p.m. $20.;

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