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ROCK 'N' ROLL | The Regrettes



The Regrettes's video for its song "Seashore" features singer Lydia Night being burned at the stake like Joan of Arc while suggesting I go fuck myself. And that's all it took, really — I'm in love with this band from Los Angeles. It's straight-out-of-the-garage pop with a bite from punk rock teeth. It's The Ramones tempered with The Shangri-Las. The music is lighthearted and fun with a throwback kick, but lyrically is where it all gets dark and acerbic. The band plays tight, bright, and outtasite. Prepare to meet your new favorite band.

The Regrettes plays with SWMRS, The Interrupters, and Lucky 33 on Tuesday, December 5, at the Montage Music Hall, 50 Chestnut Street. 7 p.m. $15-$17.;

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