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ROCK 'N' ROLL | The False Positives


You can't put your arms around a memory, but you'll come awfully damn close when you spin The False Positives' new single " Eyes Wide Open." With its fat slash-and-twang guitar and healthy, stealthy backbeat, the song is utterly righteous. It'll remind you of The Heartbreakers – Johnny Thunder's, not Tom Petty's – especially when teamed up with the band's melodic bone-saw charge on its first single "Good Enough for Rock 'n' Roll." On that cut, The False Positives recall punk rock's affection for The Pinheads and The Stooges. All that's left for you to do is go to the show, sluggo. Gabba gabba hey.

The False Positives play Wednesday, October 2, 5 p.m. at The Record Archive's Backroom Lounge, 33 1/3 Rockwood Street. Free show. 244-1210.;