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ROCK | Maybird


Rochester by-way-of Brooklyn's Maybird writes music that feels perfect for this time of year. Summer's creeping up, you finally feel safe to roll your car windows down, and the days are starting to feel a good deal lazier. Maybird's largely mellow, synth-driven pop is a more than fitting soundtrack for those sun-kissed drives and late mornings. Its latest singles, "Keep in Line" and "Grace" have a hazy, almost woozy quality to them, with mastermind Josh Netsky's rubbery vocals floating by. At times Maybird sounds like the musical equivalent of having absolutely nothing to do all day long — a great sensation to feel when all that nothing can be spent outside.

Maybird will release its new EP during a show with Hieronymus Bogs (also releasing a new album) and Auld Lang Syne on Saturday, June 10, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $10.;