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ROCK | John Hiatt



Though couched in a sort of self-induced irony, John Hiatt has always made perfect sense. He is a painfully honest, poetic, hysterical, and unparalleled American treasure. Hiatt's music still chugs along the tracks and dirt roads of classic American music. Before Americana was a term, Hiatt was. And after Americana gets swallowed up in another blanket genre, Hiatt will still be. Nobody turns a phrase over simple rock 'n' roll splendor like Hiatt. His latest stab at the truth is "Terms of my Surrender." Show up, sing along, have a little faith.

John Hiatt with Rick Brantley plays Saturday, September 20, at Water Street Music Hall, 204 North Water Street. 8 p.m. $40-$50.;

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