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ROCK | Infrared Radiation Orchestra w/Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost


Prepare yourself for a night of British invasion garage rock and a buzzsaw blast furnace of hellacious Delta blues. Rock 'n' roll encyclopedia, The Infrared Radiation Orchestra draws from everything cool in the electric church and will focus this particular show on material from across the Atlantic, from an era when America surrendered its title. No hard feelings, though, at least it rendered The Who. Ex-Chesterfield king howler, Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost, will get the joint jumping with some lowdown slide blues. This is gonna be sho' nuff kick in the ass.

Infrared Radiation Orchestra with Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost plays Friday, April 25, at Lovin'Cup, 300 Park Point, 9 p.m. Tickets are $3-$5.