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ROCK | Gregg Allman


Most music critics will tell you that The Allman Brothers Band was the pioneering Southern rock band, the kick-ass ambassadors of Dixie whose efforts paved the way for groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd. After the Allman Brothers Band finally called it quits and displayed the message, "So stay calm, eat a peach, and carry on" at its last show, members including co-founder Gregg Allman went their separate ways. Lead singer Allman is royalty who has stayed the course with the blues, jazz, and country tinged jam band aesthetic that earned him a path to rock 'n' roll immortality. Allman's current group features nine musicians that deliver tunes from his solo albums and songs from The Allman Brothers Band catalog. The Doobie Brothers will also play.

Greg Allman performs Friday, August 21, at CMAC, 3355 Marvin Sands Drive, Canandaigua. 7:30 p.m. $20-$55.