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ROCK | Dadstache Records Anniversary Show


Local label Dadstache Records is throwing itself a party with a hell of a lineup for its third anniversary. The afternoon-long bill includes House Majority (punk and garage rock); Dumb Angel (fuzzy psychedelic pop); Full Body (indie rock a la Pavement with a loud twist); The Naturalists (poppy garage rock out of Buffalo); Pleistocene (fuzzed-out surf punk); Total Yuppies (garage pop, releasing its new EP, "Pleasantries"); and Comfy (indie pop from Utica; pictured). Genny will be provided, and there will be grills going (the show is in Ellison Park) for those who want to bring their own meat.

The Dadstache Records Third Anniversary Show will take place Sunday, July 3, at Creekside Lodge in Ellison Park. 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. $5 suggested donation. All ages show.