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ROCK | Count Vaseline


Arising from the ashes of Dublin band The Mighy Stef is Count Vaseline, the next link in musician Stefan Murphy's chain. It's currently a solo act with Judas Von Basf, an analog tape machine, providing the backing tracks for Murphy's guitar and classic baritone. Count Vaseline's latest release, "Yo No Soy Marinero" — which drops on the night of the Abilene show — evokes 1970's decadence, dreamy jangle pop, and distorted lullabies. Sometimes there is a dark streak to the lyrics, but the Count says he put a lot of love and attention into all of these songs. Check out a full feature on Count Vaseline online now at

Count Vaseline performs with Bill Herring and Oona Kyung on Friday, September 30, at Abilene Bar and Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way. 9:30 p.m. $6.;