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ROCK | Celebrating the Life of Aaron Plunkett


Aaron Plunkett, owner of Aaron's Alley on Monroe Ave., was a huge music fan who sold concert tickets (often without handling fees) and merchandise including items associated with his favorite group, the Grateful Dead. Plunkett died suddenly on July 20. Friends described him as a free spirit and as the sort of person that would give away a ticket even if you didn't have money to attend the show. This tribute concert celebrating Plunkett's life will feature music of the Grateful Dead performed by members of The Park Avenue Band, Cravin Bliss, Into the Now, Hollywood Squares, and others. All proceeds from this event will go to Plunkett's children.

Celebrating the Life of Aaron Plunkett will be held on Thursday, August 1, 6:30 p.m. at Water Street Music Hall, 204 N. Water St. $10.