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Often considered Brian Wilson's first solo album, The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" is one of the greatest, most influential works in rock history. With its symphonic, psychedelic leanings and lush vocal orchestration, the album was initially met with a lukewarm response in the US when it was released in May 1966, but its underlying beauty, musical insight and unconventional instrumentation — barking dogs, a train, bicycle bells, and so on — was clearly ahead of its time. It still is, in a way. Wilson will be performing "Pet Sounds" in its entirety on a 50th anniversary tour along with a handful of Beach Boys hits. Here's your chance to hear some rock 'n' roll history from one of its most prolific authors. For a feature on Brian Wilson, check out CITY online at

Brian Wilson will perform "Pet Sounds" on Tuesday, September 19, at Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre, 60 Gibbs Street. 8 p.m. $36-$135.50. 274-3000;;