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ROCK | Born Without Bones


For all the grandiose posturing and life-or-death theatrics that indie rock offers, it's becoming exceedingly rare to find a band with genuine soul. Heartfelt lyrics can only offer so much if the voice delivering them doesn't sound convinced of the truth behind the words. Thankfully this is a quality that Born Without Bones provides in spades. Its latest record, this year's "Young at the Bend," is rich with chilly New England passion and an almost rootsy swagger. Tracks like "Takes Time" and "Young" pulse with a Manchester Orchestra-inspired brawn while "Fool" and "Muscle" are much breezier, calling to mind contemporaries Sinai Vessel as well as scene architects Jawbreaker.

Born Without Bones will perform with Prince Daddy and The Hyena, Alleys, and Lighters on Thursday, June 8, at the Vineyard Community Space, 836 South Clinton Avenue. 6:30 p.m. $5.;