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ROCK-A-BILLY | Mark Gamsjager & The Lustre Kings


This Albany-based combo has been delivering sonically induced spiritual experiences to droves of dedicated fans for close to a decade. The Lustre Kings and their special brand of "rockabilly gospel" are guided by Mark Gamsjager, a wickedly wailing, hollow-body Gretsch guitarist who draws influence from every branch of that huge family tree called roots rock. Together the group can swing, boogie-woogie, and drive home some chugging, bluesy rhythms, and have done so with the likes of Wanda Jackson, Robert Gordon, and Eddie Angel. These guys have taken vintage rock and roll and given it a serious shock with a down-home defibrillator.

Mark Gamsjager & TheLustre Kings perform Thursday, December 20, 8 p.m. at Abilene Bar & Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way. $6-$8. 232-3230,