Virtual Event, Various, Pop/Rock, Acoustic/Folk, Jazz, Hip-Hop/Rap

Rochester Livestream Music Festival

When: Fri., April 3, 12 p.m.-1 a.m., Sat., April 4, 11-12 a.m. and Sun., April 5, 11-12 a.m. 2020

12:00pm Brian MacDonald from the Honey Smugglers
12:30pm Ben Sheridan
1:30pm Siena
2:00pm Camp Roc Star: Cooper Scotti
2:30pm Ben Rossi & Jackson Rick
3:00pm Max Flansburg from Dirty Blanket
3:30pm Matt Stephens from Dial up
4:00pm Don Christiano & Rita Coulter
4:30pm Fran Broderick from Left-Handed Second Baseman
5:00pm Big Logic & The Truth Serum
6:00pm Corey Owens Cooking Show
7:00pm Teagan Ward & Katy Wright from Teagan & the Tweeds
8:00pm Eli Flynn from Giant Panda Guerrlla Dub Squad
9:00pm Mikaela Davis
10:00pm Seth Faergolzia
11:00pm Collin Jones/Stereo Nest
12:00am Logan McKinney

11:00am Ayla Huff
11:30am Josh Pincus
12:00pm Benton Sillick of Anamon
12:30pm Ben Morey
1:00pm Jackson Cavalier
1:30pm Rachel "Ragechill" Kroft
2:00pm Camp Roc Star: Isabella Barbagallo
2:30pm Jimmie Highsmith
3:00pm Aaron Lipp
4:00pm Mike Deiure
4:30pm Neil Van Dorn Trio
5:00pm Brandon Sheffer from Mochester, Honey & Vinegar
5:30pm Chris English
6:00pm Mike Gladstone from Junkyard Fieldtrip
6:30pm Pete Griffith
7:00pm Kurt Johnson of The Moho Collective
8:00pm Danielle Ponder
9:00pm Alex Cote
9:30pm Judah Sealy
10:00pm Charlie Lindner
10:30pm Brendon Caroselli
11:00pm HIP-HOP Encore Artist Features

11:00am Ken Luk
11:30am Sam Kaiser
12:00pm Josh Massicot
12:30pm Tom Mahoney
1:00pm Sarah Eide
1:30pm Ken Colombo
2:00pm Camp Roc Star: Max Doud
2:30pm Herb Heins
3:00pm Mike Edwards
3:30pm Mike Muscarella of Violet Mary
4:00pm Adrien D'Angelo
4:30pm Charles Emanuel
5:00pm Josh Netsky of Maybird
5:30pm Aaron Rizzo
6:00pm Eric Carlin
7:00pm Amy Montrois and Jon Sheffer
8:00pm Ray Mahar from a Girl Named Genny
9:00pm Alan Murphy of The Mighty High and Dry
10:00pm Sam Snyder from Maybird, OHS
11:00pm HIP-HOP Encore Artist Features