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Rochester Fringe 2017: CITY's Daily Reviews

The 2017 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival runs Thursday, September 14, through Saturday, September 23, and CITY Newspaper will be out EVERY NIGHT of the festival covering multiple shows. Check in first thing each morning for photos and reviews of the previous night's entertainment, listed below by date.

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What we want to see again

‘Labyrinth’ gives climate change a multi-sensory interpretation

Becca talks Farm to Fringe offerings

Saturday, September 23

Fringe Street Beat gives dancers a platform

Becca reviews 'Out of Sync' and 'Antigone'

Friday, September 22

Scott recaps John Mulaney at Kodak Hall

Becca reviews 'The Tell-Tale Heart,' 'Childhood/The Lottery,' and 'Anatomy of a Black Man'

Kathy reviews 'Really Rosie' and 'Merged V'

Thursday, September 21

Frank reviews Loop Painting and Matt Griffo

Becca reviews 'Nevermore! In Motion' and 'Memento Anima'

Wednesday, September 20

Adam reviews ‘Spy in the House of Men’ and ‘The Bicycle Men’

Kathy reviews Murder Mystery at the Central Library and 'Bushwhacked'

Tuesday, September 19

Becca reviews 'Within the Quota' and 'You're Being Watched'

Katie reviews 'Rosalba's Dream Me Pumps' and 'Mo-to-the-oncle'

Monday, September 18

Kathy reviews '13 the Musical' and the 24-Hour Plays

Adam reviews the St. John Fisher Student Film Festival and ‘Twelve Dollar$’

Sunday, September 17

Becca reviews 'Labyrinth'

Adam reviews ‘The Seal Maiden’ and ‘The Topher Holt Experience’

Saturday, September 16

Katie reviews 'Heathers,' 'Come As You Are,' and PUSH

Becca reviews 'Big Knockers,' 'The Lanthan Mire,' 'The Space Between,' and 'Creditors'

Frank reviews 'Where? I. Come! From..." and Leo Crandall

Adam reviews 'Wolf Tails and Stolen Footprints,' 'Good Joke/Bad Joke Bingo,' and '50 Shades of Gay'

Friday, September 15

Becca reviews 'Big Bang'

Frank reviews Mental Graffiti, 'The Black Bird of Death,' and the Immersive Igloo

Kathy reviews Garth Fagan Dance and EstroFest

Adam reviews ‘Complimentary Heckling’ and ‘Carnival of Souls’

Thursday, September 14

Frank reviews Cirque Du Fringe: 'Eclectic Attraction' and Pinch and Squeal

Becca reviews 'Elephant Grass,' 'On the Verge,' and 'There is a Field'

Katie reviews 'Wild Horses,' The Madelein/Maddy Comedy Hour, and Stand Up for Drag

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