Renewing the Connection – A Mother-Daughter Retreat

When: Sat., May 10, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. 2014

Being present for our loved ones is the greatest gift we can offer and nowhere is this more true than in the relationship between a mother and daughter. Nourish and strengthen this intimate relationship by taking time out of a busy life to honor and be grateful for each other. Enjoy the beauty of this slow down time, allowing for richer experiences and deeper understanding. Participants will find themselves with other mothers and daughters seeking quality time and an even deeper connection. With no land lines no cell phones, no texts, no Words with Friends and no hand held games the focus of the time together will be on strengthening and sustaining this most important relationship by each giving the other the gift of undivided attention. Heart centered guided meditations will focus on the mother/daughter bond. Other activities will include games and strategies designed specifically to improve or enhance your relationships such as: • Having fun together • Truly listening to each other • Communicating effectively • Defining boundaries • Checking in regularly • Putting yourself in the others’ shoes • Learning your triggers and new ways to deal with them • Making time to create special moments • Moving from prickly to pleasant

Price: $90 per pair