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RECREATION | Rowing Classes


Don't let the increasingly frigid temperatures take away the equally fun and physically grueling workout of rowing. Starting Thursday, November 7, Genesee Rowing Club begins the first of three indoor rowing programs that will take place over the coming winter.

Sure, you could use one of those rowing simulator machines at your gym, but why do that when you can row row row in an actual boat on water? Yes, it is indoors, so the boat won't move, but you can't get much closer to the real thing until the weather warms up again. And we live in Rochester, so who knows when that will happen.

The first session begins Thursday and runs until Thursday, December 19. Classes are held at the Pittsford Rowing Center (2800 Clover St.) Monday through Thursday, and also Saturday of every week. Package options include once, twice, or three times per week. Experienced rowers are welcome to drop in. Check out for class times and pricing information.