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RECREATION: ROC Orienteering Scrooge-O


Anyone who's seen or read "A Christmas Carol" knows that Ebenezer Scrooge's sour attitude can be contagious. The Rochester Orienteering Club represents his infectious nature in a unique way at its Annual Scrooge-O. Participants are given maps of a park and compete to find key locations in the dark while simultaneously avoiding "Scrooge." Several Scrooge competitors will track down participants to tag, and subsequently take their score cards, thereby converting tagged individuals into the next "Scrooge." It's like that old playground game "It," but with a holiday twist.

This year's Scrooge-O will take place Saturday, December 1, at Powder Mills Park (154 Park Road, Perinton). At 5 p.m. the club will host a pot-luck dinner, followed by the club's annual meeting, and then the competition. Participants will have one hour to complete the event. All ages and skill levels are welcome, and the event is free to the public. Be sure to dress in your most warm, yet most flexible and stealthy clothing, in order to evade Scrooge. A flashlight will be helpful in the dark, but don't let it give you away. For more information call 377-5650 or visit