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RECREATION | Heavy Metal Yoga


Maybe you're interested in the health and sanity benefits of yoga, but the thought of spending a precious hour stretching to modern mystical tunes gives your style the cramps. For something completely different, check out Jesse Amesmith's Heavy Metal Yoga, which is held Monday nights through July 25, 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m., at Yoga Vibe (80 Rockwood Place). "Heavy Metal Yoga is pretty much just 'regular yoga,' without the flutes and waterfall sounds," Amesmith says. "I like to get creative with my playlists, so it's fun to have a space where it's okay to combine my love of heavy music and bodywork."

The music selection includes heavy metal, punk, hardcore, sludge metal, dark ambient, drone, and noise, "pretty much anything that I feel like," she says. The class is an open vinyasa flow, and is open to all levels of experience — Amesmith offers modifications and alignment cues along the way to keep it accessible — but it's an active and higher impact class, so expect to sweat. Heavy Metal Yoga is $15 per session (drop-ins welcome). For more information, call 242-0059, or visit