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RCT's "Cinderella"

Lessons learned from a pumpkin coach


As staged by Rochester Children's Theatre, Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella isn't about waiting for a man to rescue you. It's about the triumph of goodness over wickedness. If you bag a handsome prince along the way, well, good for you!

When her godmother asks why she stays with her step-family, Cinderella explains that it's out of loyalty to her deceased father. Centuries before Shakti Gawain, in the song In My Own Little Corner, Cinderella uses creative visualization to cope with adversity. Helpless? Heck no. Cinderella's a self-help pioneer.

Even Cinderella's step-mother conveys a positive message by reminding her daughters they can't rely on beauty alone. She encourages her bubble-headed daughter to become a lawyer. Why not? As Cinderella reminds us, impossible things are happening every day.

Speaking of which, "It's amazing how the carriage gets on stage!" my 10-year-old daughter enthused. As cool as the haze-shrouded transformation is, the gowns designed by Lana Momano steal the show. "Look how pretty they are! They're all big and puffy. And the sleeves --- oh, the sleeves!"

Directed by Deborah Haber, Cinderella features memorable songs, live music, expert ballroom dancers, and a chance to meet the cast after the performance. Everyone knows what your kids look like. Keep 'em guessing with a holiday card photo of you and the prince.

Cinderella sold out last weekend andcontinues Saturday, December 16, at 2 p.m. and Sunday, December 17, at 2 and 5 p.m. at NazarethCollegeArtsCenter. Tickets are $12 at the box office, 389-2170. For more information visit www.rochesterchildrenstheatre.org.

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