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RCSD redux



In his effort to save city schools, Rochester schools Superintendent Bolgen Vargas is turning to three former high-level district administrators: Ray Giamartino, Ralph Spezio, and Suzanne Johnston. | Giamartino will serve as chief of school transformation, where his primary task will be to move some of the lowest performing schools in the state to schools in good standing. He was formerly a school chief with the district, overseeing 20 schools in the northeast area of the city. He left the RCSD in 2010 to become superintendent of the East Rochester school district. | Spezio will become executive principal of School 17 when the school reopens in the fall. He returns to the district after leading School 17 from 1990 to 2002. | Johnston will serve as an outside educational expert for Joseph P. Wilson Commencement Academy. She will work as a mentor to the school's new principal, Uma Mehta, to raise Wilson's academic performance. | All three hires have a long history with the district. Giamartino has considerable experience in literacy development, while Johnston led Wilson Magnet during some of its best performing years. Spezio helped raise awareness about lead poisoning's impact on city students.

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