Rage Against the Vageen

When: Sun., Oct. 20, 7 p.m. 2013

We all know that wimins be crazy and they are always trying to take over comedy and it's like "WHOA WOMEN, YOU'RE NOT INVITED BECAUSE YOUR VAGINA IS BLEEDING ALL OVER OUR STAGE AND IT'S LIKE NOT EVEN FUNNY!" But they're still trying anyway, and now they have a whole night of comedy because of Obama or something. Rage Against the Vageen is a stand up comedy night of debauchery/fun, with lots of joke telling, singing, and raging. $7 at the door Hosted by: Madelein Smith (She's famous for puking on airplanes) Featuring: Dewey Lovett Dew Opp (She shaved off her hair) Yolanda Smilez (She can throw her own boob over her shoulder) Brennan Banta (She goes to Ithaca college and killed 20 men) Sarah Benson (She wears glasses like Tina Fey) Lorraine Staunch (She love to put hummus on things) Hannah Weidner and Kara Maillie(They are a band, they play guitars and have claw hands) Headlined by: Marianne Sierk (She meows on the radio for a living) 2235 Empire Boulevard, doors at 6:30, show starts at 7. You should totes be there.

Price: $7.