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Question Bridge Coverage 2014

"Question Bridge: Black Males" is a transmedia project that seeks to facilitate dialogue between black men of diverse and contending backgrounds by creating a platform for them to represent and redefine black male identity in America.

Through November 16, Rochester Contemporary is presenting the "QB:BM" video installation, and will host a weekly conversation series led and facilitated by Rochester leaders.

City Newspaper will post updates and responses to the related talks and events here throughout the duration of the exhibit.

Cover story: "Connecting the spectrum" by Rebecca Rafferty (9/24)

Discussion announcement: "Black men in media" by Jake Clapp (10/8)

Question Bridge discussion: "The representation of black men in the media"

Question Bridge discussion: "Community art perspective"

Question Bridge discussion: Mayor Lovely Warren and Judge Stephen Miller

Question Bridge discussion: Led by RIT's MOCHA

Question Bridge discussion: recap from Wednesday, November 5, and Friday, November 7

Question Bridge discussion: "The Role of Youth: Sketching a New Blueprint"

Final Question Bridge Discussion: "Black Males and the Legal System"