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PUNK | UV Rays


... and they're back. More of a fistfight than a band, The UV Rays wreaked punk rock havoc wherever it played. But don't be fooled by the band's paint huffing maniac aesthetic, during its tenure this was a band of calculated risk and attitude. One of the best this city has ever spewed forth, nothing has come close since the UV Rays broke up — except perhaps for Tapehead, a frenetic tempo-tantrum that corners well and floors it on the straightaways. This promises to be the holiday show of the season with these two bands joined by Teressa Wilcox, who'll bring tidings of great joy amongst the chaos. Merry f***ing xmas.

UV Rays, Tapehead, and Teressa Wilcox will perform Sunday, December 25, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $6.