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Up-and-coming London, Ontario, degenerates Single Mothers sound like a punk band fronted by a perpetually drunk Allen Ginsberg. Its latest record, this year's excellent "Our Pleasure," is a cacophonous blend of nerve-shredding riffs blanketed by frontman Drew Thomson's sneering tirades against popular society, "the scene," domestic complacency, and pretty much anything else that stumbles downrange of his mile-a-minute bark. Each song hisses with a white-hot urgency that places you right in whatever disgusting basement these four Canucks are tearing to pieces. Single Mothers is a band for people who like their authors inebriated and their debauchery loud.

Single Mothers will perform with Touché Amore, Gouge Away, and Coming Down on Wednesday, October 4, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $16.;