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PUNK: Rocket From The Tombs


UPDATE 10/4/12: The information for this article was taken from press materials provided for the show. It was not made clear that Cheetah Chrome and Richard Lloyd are no longer with Rocket From the Tombs, and they will not be performing as part of the show in Rochester this weekend.

I swear this isn't a punk rock has-been re-hash. Cleveland's Rocket From the Tombs is a never-was — but its offshoots, like The Dead Boys and Pere Ubu, were. During its brief blast on earth (roughly 1974-75), Rocket never darkened a studio doorway, leaving only live versions of tunes like "Sonic Reducer" to The Dead Boys and "30 Seconds Over Tokyo" to Pere Ubu. Starting with a reunion in 2002, the band finally laid it to tape with the album "The Day The Earth Met Rocket From The Tombs." The history has already been written. Now we can dig why, as original members David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Richard Lloyd (Television), and Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys) hit the road.

Rocket From The Tombs persforms Friday, October 5, Lovin Cup, 300 Park Point Place | 8 p.m. | $18-$20 |