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PUNK | Peelander-Z


Imagine If the Power Rangers were to quit fighting evil, buy a boatload of punk CDs and form a band. Whatever odd picture you have in your head probably isn't far from Peelander-Z. The NYC-based Japanese punk outfit is famous for its hilarious songs — "Taco Taco Tacos," and "Too Many Mike" are among its best — vibrant costumes and off-the-walls concerts, where antics like holding up lyrics to songs and having audience members play the instruments are commonplace. If you like your punk fast, your concerts anything but normal, and your steak medium rare, Peelander-Z will be right up your alley.

Peelander-Z plays with Envious Disguise and Sexy Teenagers on Monday, May 12, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Ave. 9 p.m. $8-$12.;