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PSYCHOBILLY | Grease Creepers


One of few psychobilly bands in Rochester, Grease Creepers gives a fun, high-energy zombie-rock experience, from hauntingly raucous playing to ghostly face makeup. Unborn in 2016, the members of Grease Creepers felt as though all the great rock n' roll gods, garage rock heartthrobs, and true punk rockers were gone. The band has a mission to resurrect the old tunes with an added, deadly, flare of its own. Tommy "Fat Dead Elvis" Walsh plays guitar and uses vocal sing-speak with a warm, shaky tone similar to that of The King (hence the name), sometimes with a yippy melodic effect that resembles a wolf howling in the night. Ryan Hurley adds a festively creepy vibe with his scratchy and growly vocal tone, while playing a fingerpicked, acoustic-electric upright bass. The music gets even rowdier with Collin Bourne smashing away at his punk metal drums. Grease Creepers is a rocking zombie band that's all about having fun and getting freaky.

Grease Creepers plays with The Jasons, The Handsome Scoundrels, and Governess on Saturday, May 19, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 9 p.m. $12.;