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PSYCHEDELIC ROCK | The Mushroom Cloud


Get down and dirty to the funky rock variations of Connecticut-based quartet The Mushroom Cloud. Featuring guitarist-keyboardist Paul Harris, guitarist Matt Cuddy, bassist Ryan Berry, and drummer Russ Harris, the band has been sharing its mostly instrumental jam sessions with audiences since 2011. The Mushroom Cloud mixes rock, funk, electronica, and psychedelia into a danceable grind. With lyrics sprinkled cleverly over its vibrant aesthetic, the quartet releases spectral synth timbres, echoing electric guitar, and spasmodic drums into the ether.

The Mushroom Cloud will perform along with Big Sexy & The Scrambled Eggs and Darb Jansen on Saturday, October 26, 9 p.m. at Photo City Improv, 543 Atlantic Avenue. $10. 451-0047.;