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Leggy is a bubblegum punk trio delivering rebellious distortion since 2013. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, the band consists of singer-guitarist Véronique Allaer, bassist Kerstin Bladh, and drummer Christopher Campbell. The trio's latest album is "Let Me Know Your Moon." With hard hearts, heavy heads, and worn-out leather, Leggy can evoke the sound of No Doubt or The Killers, depending on the moment. The trio thrashes together a lush but boisterious blend of pop, punk, garage rock, and lo-fi dream rock, as Allaer utilizes a muffled punk vocal technique.

Leggy will perform along with The Ophelias, Green Dreams, and Boy Jr. on Tuesday, June 11, 8 p.m. at Small World Books, 425 North Street. $5-$10 suggested donation. 232-6970. smallworldbooks;