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PROGRESSIVE SOUL | Lost Wax Collective


As its name suggests, Lost Wax Collective is a coterie of various smooth-grooving musicians who play fluidly between the genres of soul, jazz, R&B, and funk. Anchored by the rhythm section of drummer Brendon Caroselli and bassist Hassan Zaman (a contributing writer to CITY), this Rochester band specializes in intricate yet danceable rhythmic interplay, warm harmonic timbres, and a slow jam delivery that's undeniably catchy— as demonstrated on its 2017 debut album, "Blue Spark." With technical precision and plenty of understated swagger, Lost Wax Collective plays music to get lost in.

Lost Wax Collective will play Saturday, December 28, 9:30 p.m. at Jackrabbit Club, 40 Anderson Avenue. $5. 563-6459.;