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Pop/Rock | The Men


Brooklyn outfit The Men are nothing if not prolific, releasing new work at a pace of one and sometimes two records a year. Technically gifted, the band also seems to have designs on presenting observers with a genre categorization quandary, bouncing between new musical affectations with ease. While most easily defined as owning something of a punk/post hardcore aesthetic from its early days, the band's eclecticism most recently takes shape in the form of an acoustic album out this month. That record, "Campfire Songs," was culled from sessions recorded in the same cabin as the band's previous record, "New Moon," released in March of this year. which took shape as something of an homage to classic rock. Catch the band while it's in town or watch as the next evolutionary step of its career comes to pass.

The Men performs with Purling Hiss, DRIPPERS!, and Pampers Sunday, October 13, 8 p.m., at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Ave., $10-$14,