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POP/ROCK | The Hoodies


If you're a fan of Joywave, then it's possible that at one time you may also have been a fan of local predecessors The Hoodies. If you've no idea of what I speak, a quick rundown: having sold out a few shows at Water Street, traveled parts of the country touring, and trekking to LA to work with a major producer, The Hoodies called it quit after life ultimately got in the way. But out of that band's pop-rock ashes — and with the addition of a few new members — arose Joywave. Yet it's certain the current iteration would not be the same without its members first having cut their teeth performing under a moniker based off a piece of clothing each and every fan adorned at one time or another. Wear your favorite hooded sweatshirt to this one-off reunion show and get a glimpse at where your favorite local band started. While you're there, grab a free EP of forgotten Hoodies B-sides, only available at the show, to commemorate the experience.

The Hoodies play Saturday, December 29, 5:30 p.m. at The Club at Water Street, 204 N. Water St. KOPPS, Young Blood, and Pretty In Pink will be sharing the stage. $12-$15.