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POP ROCK | Panic! At The Disco


If you ask Panic! At The Disco and its tour-partner, Weezer, about tumultuous changes, they'd probably hand you a book on it. The former emo pop titan (now with frontman and vocalist Brendon Urie as the last of the original lineup) has changed sound from album to album, with the latest, "Death of a Bachelor," being the most diverse. The album has its fair share of callbacks, and the wit and cleverness are still there, but Urie plays around with elements of jazz and lounge music to interesting effect. You might have heard the huge pop single, "Victorious," all over the radio. The show's other half, nerd rock kings Weezer, has had a successful couple of years and a return to form with its 2014 album, "Everything Will Be Alright In The End," and the recently released self-titled "white" album, which has won the hearts of critics and fans alike as a return to form.

Panic! At The Disco and Weezer will perform Saturday, June 25, at CMAC, 3355 Marvin Sands Drive, Canandaigua. 7 p.m. $25-$55.;