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POP PUNK | Typesetter



Chicago-based indie punk outlet Typesetter is still in the early stages of its career, having only released two small Eps. But this is a sample you go back for again and again. The group brings an upbeat brand of bombastic punk, headlined by rough, rugged singing and loud rhythm work with intermittent riff sections. The sound threatens to rumble off the rails at any second, yet it somehow manages to be melodic at the same time, almost like a sort of controlled chaos. The tunes are short, sweet, and fast-paced, with only one — "I Can't Offer Atonement" of the band's second EP — exceeding three and a half minutes in length. Be sure to soak this battered, beautiful noise in while you can.

Typesetter plays with California Cousins, The Huckleberry Fins, Cult Classic, and Slut Week on Monday, August 11, at California Brew Haus, 402 W Ridge Road. $6. 7 p.m. Call The California Brew Haus at 621-1480 for more info.

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