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POP | Men Without Hats


People underestimate how cutting-edge Canadian synth-pop band Men Without Hats was back in the 1980's. Lead singer Ivan Doroschuk's baritone sprechgesang on "The Safety Dance" paid homage to rappers like Grandmaster Flash as the tune's three-chord riff simultaneously was pummeled into your head. "The Safety Dance" was actually meant to be a protest song inspired by Doroschuk's ejection from clubs because of his dangerous dancing. The Men Without Hats anthem is just the tip of a discography that includes its other Billboard Top 20 hit ("Pop Goes The World") and latest album, "Love in the Age of War," the band's first release after a 9-year hiatus. China Crisis opens the show.

Men Without Hats performs on Saturday, June 13, at Montage Music Hall, 50 Chestnut Street. 8 p.m. $25-$30.;