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Police response challenged


A group of protestors say police used aggressive physical force and "chemical weapons" to break up a march, even though, they say, the officers hadn't asked anyone to disperse. | Saturday, an informal group of protestors held an anti-capitalism march through much of the Park Avenue area and the east side of downtown. | Police had escorted the march through most of its route, protestors say. But at East Avenue and Union Street, they say, officers met were lined up holding batons and shaking canisters of pepper spray; 18 protestors were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. | "It felt like we were attacked," said protestor Lynn Giglio. | Giglio said she was arrested as she left the group. Other protestors said they were tackled, and some said they were exposed to pepper spray. | A statement from the Rochester Police Department said protestors were told to disperse. They were blocking vehicle and pedestrian traffic on East Avenue, near the Inner Loop, and the arrests were made "in order to bring an end to the unsafe conditions." The statement says officers used pepper spray because some protestors resisted arrest, though only one person was charged with resisting.