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Police poll


The Rochester Police Department wants your feedback on the police reorganization. You can fill out a short survey at until November 30.

The RPD reorganized from essentially two divisions — one on each side of the river and a smaller downtown section — to five in the spring of 2015. The main purpose of the effort is to increase police presence in the neighborhoods and to improve police-community relations.

The police union, the Locust Club, has criticized the restructuring. Without putting more police buildings in the neighborhoods, the reorganization is merely a feel-good effort, the union says.

The City of Rochester has said that it's considering additional police buildings.

The survey consists of 18 questions. It asks how safe you feel in your neighborhood, what the current level of crime in your neighborhood is, if you feel the city is safer now than it was last year, if you feel comfortable reporting a crime to the police, if you personally know the police officers responsible for your neighborhood, and other questions.

The survey is part of the RPD's one-year evaluation of the reorganization. The evaluation will cover the period from July 20, 2015, to July 19, 2016.