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POETRY | The Poetry Lounge


Discovering raw, unknown talent at an open mic night is a particularly satisfying sensation. Baring witness to what could potentially be the beginnings of an illustrious career, or just a terrific one-off performance no-one will ever see again, is almost always an exciting experience. Boulder Coffee Company is already well-known among Rochester talent for hosting a range of open mic nights for up-and-coming stand-up comedy and musical acts. The shop's poetry open-mic night, dubbed The Poetry Lounge, is sure to bring in some phenomenal local poets. The Poetry Lounge will also feature a special guest reading by poet Natale Nostra.

The Poetry Lounge will take place Friday, August 22, 9 p.m., at the Brooks Landing Boulder Coffee Company (960 Genesee Street). $7-$9. For more information, visit