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The hot new style trend that could be all wet



Pirate fashion: argh, mateys

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest broke box office records in its first few weeks of release (the current take: more than $300 million). With such a huge profit generated by a swashbuckling adventure, it's no wonder that other pop-culture-based industries are scrambling to board the pirate ship. Fashionistas are promising that the next hot trend is pirate fashion, and hope the masses will join Captain Jack Sparrow in his skeleton-bedecked duds.

Nothing makes me swoon more than Johnny Depp as a dirty pirate (those kohl eyes!). But what works on the big screen for a big star will not necessarily translate well into every-day life. (See: the pantaloon-inspired pants recently worn by hip-hop chanteuse Nelly Furtado; head to for a peek) This, however, has not stopped people from trying.

Designer Jill Stewart has whipped up a Seinfield-esque "puffy shirt," which can be found at stores like Neiman Marcus to the tune of $395. Clothes horses suggest pairing the shirts with tight jeans and some swashbuckley boots to complete the look.

If a whole ensemble is simply too much pirate to handle, consider adding a couple of accent pieces to your look. Roberto Coin offers an 18k white gold necklace with diamond skull and crossbones for $780 at Nordstrom. Rocker AvrilLavigne has worn a similar design with her own ruffled and striped shirt. Or check out the Rachel Leigh freshwater pearl skull ring, sold at For guys, Neiman Marcus offers up skull cuff links by Robin Rotenier for $235. Cosmopolitan even put skull scarves on its "Hot List." And since Ashlee Simpson sports her designer skull scarf in public, you know it's the real deal.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon without shelling out some serious dough, head over to Hot Topic. The Goth-friendly mall fixture offers a ton of skull-and-crossbones pieces to spice up your wardrobe on the cheap. And when this trend becomes the next fashion "don't," you've got everything you need for a great Halloween costume. Yeargh!

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