Photos from the City of Rochester 

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Photos by City of Rochester photographer Ira Srole (unless otherwise noted). Photos courtesy Communications Bureau, City of Rochester.
OF 24
African American Festival
Aqueduct 1890s (FILE PHOTO)
Aqueduct from the South
Aqueduct tour
Biking @ O'Rorke Bridge
Boating, Corn Hill Landing
A canoe at Driving Park bridge
Chevy Place, after
Chevy Place, before (FILE PHOTO)
Children in 19th Ward, Autumn
Clarissa St c. 1960 (FILE PHOTO)
Clean Sweep group
Group at Starry Nites Cafe
Hanover Houses (FILE PHOTO)
Homeowner watering flowers
Kids planting a tree
Lilac Festival, Highland Park
Mt. Hope Cemetery tour
New housing, Public Market area
Polar Plunge, Ontario Beach Park
Puerto Rican parade
Puerto Rican parade
River rowers in sunlight
Tall ship in harbor
African American Festival